Flaps and Stabilizers

It is a team that allows your boat to have a better performance and performance during navigation, have different brands and size in reference to the type of boat, either, cruise, boat or boat. The larger the flaps, the lower the angle of deflection and we will achieve greater effectiveness to create the same lift. In the ideal case the flaps and stabilizers should occupy almost the entire stern in exchange for having very little length.

What should you know about flaps and stabilizers?
The effectiveness of the flaps will depend on each situation, the surface of them, the angle of deflection, and the speed at which you are sailing. When you press the button that lowers them, the water pushes the surface of the flaps up by raising the stern and lowering the bow. In the market you can find flaps and stabilizers , which work by means of an electric actuator or with hydraulic pistons activated by electric pumps. Here you can learn about important advantages of these new equipment and learn how to handle them effectively.

You must adjust them: perform tricks to get good results. We have to handle them with small jumps, and wait while we check the boat’s reaction before returning to act briefly on them. It will depend on the speed at which you take your boat.

Expect that they fulfill their function: the use of flaps prevents us from having a less mobile navigation. Bringing you a more comfortable navigation.

The flaps decrease: in a very significant way the glide time. By achieving a glide speed below the norm, this increases the speed

You must know when to remove the flaps: when you find yourself in the mouths of rivers, or in waters where currents appear, we must remove all the flaps to avoid being influenced by these currents. And the same thing you should do when you turn back.
Curiosities about the installation of flaps and stabilizers
You should know that your installation is in a very simple way that does not require any experience, you can also require the help of a professional technician in case of having doubts. Likewise, you should bear in mind that, in the ideal case, the flaps should occupy almost the entire stern in exchange for having very little length, and in this way obtain a glide speed, favoring a better performance in navigation that will adapt to your needs.

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